We strongly believe that collaboration is king. Our business is firmly based on this principle, whether applying it to our training sessions or consultancy services. We are advocates for diversity of thought.


Based on our core organisational values and Aboriginal cultural influence, storytelling forms a critical component of all that we do. Storytelling informs our training strategy as well as our consulting approach as an essential method to engagement. 


Our mission is to have an impact with all that we do. Our services work towards creating social change and come from a place of authenticity, something we strongly advocate for when working with our clients.


We work with clients to create real social impact for Aboriginal communities across Australia and a by-product is creating individual impact across organisations within our sphere of influence through our trainings and policy reform that impact businesses directly.

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We are an Aboriginal owned and managed consulting and training organisation with our head office based out of Redfern, NSW. 

Established in 2018, our founders William Trewlynn and Ray Alam initially saw a real need to re-invent the traditional approach to cultural awareness training and as a result created  a groundbreaking program that blended Aboriginal philosophy with western academia to provide evidence based strategies for engaging more effectively with Aboriginal people, businesses and communities.


Following the success of this program and utilising the business and strategic experience  of our directors, William and Ray started to diversify Yarnnup's business offerings and provide a well rounded and holistic service which has seen Yarnnup transform into a full fledged consultancy working with Australia's most well known brands as well as across all government sectors.

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Our team is diverse, but we are all aligned with the same intrinsic values that ensures we are all on the same path.


We share the decision making processes and understand that we are working to provide opportunities for people and communities so the importance of what we do is never underestimated. We get challenged, there are hurdles but we invest in ongoing personal development to ensure we are well equipped for all the different types of scenarios that come our way.

The old saying, quality over quantity resonates with us at Yarnnup. It's not just about turning over a job and moving on to the next, it's about doing things right all the time with purpose and attention. In an industry where many are looking to take advantage of government policies and initiatives, we work hard to ensure that things are done right ethically and have been spearheading industry to ensure ongoing compliance and fairness.